Introducing a new way to grow your community

Dylan and I created Crowdcast so people can connect with their audience over live video to have meaningful, interactive experiences. Our hosts include broadcasters, creators and solopreneurs building businesses through livestream events, and we designed our features with them in mind.

We've been amazed by how they use this platform to deepen connections and grow their audience. They've used Crowdcast to announce product releases, grant early access to followers, meet podcast subscribers, and build their mailing lists with live classes.

Now, we're excited to introduce the first of many new community-building features to help you stay connected and build your following on Crowdcast.

Meet the Follow feature

We know you work hard to market your events—wouldn't it be cool if you had a list of people who automatically get notified whenever you're doing a crowdcast?

Now it's possible to do exactly that with the Follow feature.

1. Announce upcoming events directly to your Crowdcast followers

Send announcements directly to email. After you've set up your event, click a button to announce it with a personlized message to your followers.

Crowdcast will deliver the message straight to their email inbox. Followers' contact details will be available to you once they register for your event.

Only you know what frequency makes the most sense for your audience. Hosts currently enjoy unlimited event announcements.

2. Your audience will be automatically notified when you go live

When you're ready to go live, we've got your back. Followers will automatically be invited to join your public event.

Screenshot of Email

Join us for a special event

Join Dylan and I on a special crowdcast this Friday, July 8th. We'll review the platform's features and share some examples of hosts building community through Crowdcast. We'll also have a Q+A for broadcasters joining us from Blab and Spreecast. Save your spot.

We're excited to roll out more features like these. Let us know how they're working for you by messaging us through the support center.

You can also join us below:

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