What is the Business Plus Plan?

Most of the folks who use Crowdcast are small creators who take on several different roles to bring their projects to life. But increasingly bigger companies like IBM and Adobe use Crowdcast to bring their community together and we know enterprise companies have different needs for support. 

If you’re part of a larger organization that’s getting started with Crowdcast, you might be ready to hit the ground running with your team, but you also might be looking for more personalized attention. We recognize the needs of enterprise companies when getting started with a platform like Crowdcast, and that’s why we’re thrilled to announce the Business Plus plan.

The Business Plus plan is an annual plan that features a dedicated account manager who will develop an in-depth understanding of your needs and will serve as your single point of contact. 

The plan will also provide a response time service-level agreement (SLA) of under 1 business day, along with 50 hours of livestreaming per month, up to 1,000 live attendees per session, and a monthly 1-hour training workshop. 

The featured monthly workshops are particularly powerful when on-boarding new teammates, speakers, and other stakeholders who are involved in your upcoming events. This plan is perfect for teams that expect enterprise-level support and who have an on-going schedule of events.

Here’s what other Business Plus Plan customers are saying

“When you're doing a virtual conference for the first time, picking your video platform is a huge decision. We wanted to make sure that we selected a partner who could provide enough hand-holding to help us feel like we weren't in this alone.  When we chose Crowdcast, we were specifically interested in the Business Plus Plan because it came with a Dedicated Success Manager: an actual person who is there for us to answer our million and one questions! We definitely found what we were looking for in both Crowdcast and our DSM, Christian. Now, while we may still have some nerves about embarking on the journey, we're feeling overall way more confident that we're in good hands with the Crowdcast team.” - Abigail Phoenix, Ruby Central, Inc.

Interested in learning more about the Business Plus Plan?

If you’re ready to take your events to the next level and you’d like your own dedicated account manager, just reach out to support@crowdcast.io and let us know that you want to learn more about the Business Plus plan. 

The annual plan is $6,500.00 and is paid upon the initiation of the subscription. Email us, and we’ll connect you with a teammate who will help you find out more.