"It's so beautiful to have a whole team of people, big or small, thinking about the same thing at the same time." - David Carr-Berry, Technical Director of Creative Jams at Adobe

This week's creator spotlight is changing the way students and educators connect. Adobe Creative Jam LIVE's goal is to connect with students around the globe, with the intention to solve real-world issues by designing experiences that bring ideas to life. They setup a broadcast studio in-house and set off to change the way on-campus students interact with industry professionals and other Universities in real time. The "Jam" consists of instructors, student teams, an industry leader, and an Adobe software expert to help guide the virtual experience. By utilizing Crowdcast's multi-session feature, students meet a few times throughout the day, learning and creating innovative designs to aid in changing the world.

Since Crowdcast was created to share ideas, we couldn't be more thrilled about how Adobe Creative Jam LIVE is utilizing the platform!

Here are a few tips and tricks that make Adobe Creative Jam LIVE stand out:

Technical setup: Adobe has put a lot of time and energy into ensuring that their tech setup is airtight. They are utilizing a Blackmagic ATEM television studio HD and an audio switcher for 1080p video quality.  The Adobe tech team prefers hardware switchers to software switchers. They like to keep their software to a minimum to ensure their computer is only doing one job at a time, if possible. Especially the broadcast computer.

Confident and Consistent Host: Rachel Elnar is the host of the Jams and her presence is key in these events. We believe having a confident and consistent host provides both a professional and engaging experience for the audience. When you go live as often as Adobe, it's important to have the tech and overall structure of the event well-rehearsed. A host may not always be in the spotlight, but they are the glue that keeps the show going!

Students and Teachers on Screen: The Adobe team is not shy about inviting people on screen, in fact it's what ignites this virtual Jam. Instructors, student teams, and Adobe experts each join on screen per session, sharing their knowledge and ideas. It's neat to see a room full of student teams huddled around tables and desks, eager to engage both on and off-screen.

Organized Structure: Though it's referred to as a Jam, these events are well-thought out by a team of creative experts. Every question, poll, guest on screen, and competition has been strategically thought of and executed. There's a structured flow to each session and the host adhere's to the schedule. It's important when hosting multi-sessions that each session continues to keep the audience interacting and interested. The way Adobe has structured their Jams, there is never a dull moment!

Thank you Crowdcast, we would not be able to develop this program and bring this experience to life with college students without your continued work. - Rachel Elnar

Want to learn more about Adobe Creative Jam LIVE? Check out this awesome video that their team put together to showcase their creative process: