Looking for a live video platform for your webinars and virtual events? Chances are you've come across Zoom. If so, you might be wondering how Crowdcast is different. This article will help you compare the two tools so you can make the best choice for your needs.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is an enterprise webinar platform designed for meetings and presentations. People typically use Zoom for 1-on-1 meetings, one-to-many online events, and virtual training. Zoom has two options: Zoom Meetings and Zoom Webinar. If you’re looking for true webinar functionality--like Q&A, polling, and multiple panelists--you’ll need to upgrade to Zoom Webinar for an additional $40/month on top of your Zoom Meeting plan. Yeah, it’s confusing.

What is Crowdcast?

Crowdcast is a live video platform designed to help you host online events, engage your audience, and livestream your message to the world. We’re big on community here, and we want to help you grow yours.

You can use Crowdcast however you envision: sales presentations, streaming to YouTube, trainings, virtual summits, live podcasts, and more. And you don’t have to worry about paying for multiple plans to unlock functionality. Choose one plan and host whatever type of event you want. We're here to launch your vision, not limit it.

How Crowdcast is Different

People First

At Crowdcast we believe that virtual events are about connecting people. Unlike Zoom, we're focused on helping you engage your community so your attendees feel like they’re in the room with you. From profile photos and bios for every user, to time-stamped Q&A, to live chat before your event, our engagement features promote real interactivity and connection.

No Zoom-Bombing Here

You’ve heard the stories: You're hosting a webinar on Zoom and then out of nowhere someone joins, takes over your presentation, and ruins your event. Now, you're stuck scrambling to boot them out and apologizing to your attendees.

Zoom-bombing happens when someone gets your event link and your event isn’t password-protected, and it happens a lot. The New York Times reported on “‘Zoombombing’: When Video Conferences Go Wrong” back in March, and the problem hasn’t gone away.

Think you can stop Zoom-bombing by requiring a specific code to enter? Think again. Even legitimate participants can contribute to Zoom-bombing by inadvertently forwarding your event details to someone else. 

With Crowdcast, you don’t have to worry about trolls hacking your event. 

We require everyone to register to attend. Plus, no one can present without an invitation on-stage from you.

Multiple Sessions, One Event

Want to host an online conference or multi-session virtual event? 

On Zoom, you have two choices: pay more money for Zoom Webinar, then set up individual Zoom Meetings for each session and pray your attendees register correctly. Or you can host a Zoom Meeting and use the breakout sessions feature...where everyone is on screen at the same time. Confused yet?

With Crowdcast you get simplicity. You can create a multi-session event with a single registration page and link, enabling you to host conferences and multi-session events under one unified event.

Customer support you can actually reach

Unlike other platforms, at Crowdcast you can count on a quick response from our support team when you need help with your events. Here's a few real interactions between customers and our support team:

Tweet that says "Seems like @CrowdcastHQ cares deeply about satisfying customers and has an empowered support team. Thanks for helping this morning.
message that reads "WOW what a wonderfully supportive response, refreshing when it's so hard to get a response at all from any support on other platforms! Thank you! You've made a believer out of me."

Message that says "Know that it took 3 months to get a hold of Zoom on something with my business account. 1 Day for you guys; Applause for you guys over here!"

Why Creators Choose Crowdcast over Zoom

Here’s a few reasons why people choose Crowdcast for their online events:

No software to download

Get started in seconds with no clunky downloads. Your audience can join from anywhere. Crowdcast is supported in most modern browsers and on Android (and iOS) devices.

Single customizable smart URL

Everything—including registration, the event, and automatic replay—is accessible through one URL.

Studio quality audio

Our Studio Sound feature allows you to stream high-quality stereo audio from your computer's microphone or an external microphone. Studio Sound is perfect for live music events and podcasts!

Time-stamped Q&A

Allow attendees to submit questions and vote for their favorites so you can stay focused on what matters. Timestamp your answers for easy replay.

Landing pages with built-in ticketing

Stop paying extra for third-party landing pages. With Crowdcast, customizable landing pages are included. Did we mention there’s built-in ticketing so you can accept payments for your events?

Automatic recording

You've got enough things to worry about--remembering to record shouldn't be one of them. With Crowdcast your events are automatically recorded for you. Want to download the recording later? We’ve got you covered. Want to replace the recording? Yep, you can do that too.

Stream to multiple destinations

Broadcast to Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Periscope and other platforms. Reach your audience wherever they hang out.

Plug into OBS & pro streaming apps

Crowdcast RTMP Studio enables you to use professional live streaming software, like OBS and Wirecast, with Crowdcast.

Advanced integrations

Use our direct integrations with ConvertKit, Drip, Patreon, and Zapier to connect Crowdcast with the apps you use in your workflow.

See what other creators have to say about Crowdcast 

Adobe Creative Jam logo
Crowdcast helps us translate the in-person event experience seamlessly into an online one. We love that the experience is in-browser, making it easy for people to join the Creative Jam without having to download any software. And the engagement is great. The polls. The chat. We love that the students and designers engage and comment before the event goes live. There are just a lot of benefits that help us serve our audiences. Other platforms make it feel like you are watching the show but with Crowdcast our audience feels like they are part of the show.
Techstars logo
Crowdcast allows us to connect with our audience and to engage with them in a more interactive way. Whenever we do events on Crowdcast, especially our popular Ask Me Anything series, it feels more casual. It feels more like our brand. We're talking with people and we're providing them information. They're connecting in the chat and they're asking questions. Plus, there is a polished feel like you're putting on like an event on a stage. It's just fun and not boring like other platforms!
Tara McMullin logo
We use Crowdcast for brand building and community events. I host a Q&A call for our community each month. We also host our virtual conferences on it. Crowdcast is a HUGE time saver. I never build landing pages for events anymore. I never have to upload recordings and send out links anymore. I love the fact that I can always say, "Yes, the event will be recorded. Just return to the exact same URL and it'll be waiting for you." The other benefit is that my audience loves interacting with me on Crowdcast--so there's a relationship-building aspect too. The quality of experience that you can create with Crowdcast is something I find really hard to duplicate elsewhere.

Reach more customers by ditching Zoom

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