At the end of April we announced a new iOS experience and now we're back with more exciting news.

As more and more people are using their mobile devices like iPhones and iPads as their primary computer, we wanted to enable the full hosting experience from these devices.

We've done two things.

First, you now have full capabilities of hosting your crowdcast right from mobile & desktop Safari. This means that you can log into any Apple device and sign into the browser to host your streams. Safari doesn't support screen-sharing yet but once it's available we'll support it. This also means your viewers who join your events on Safari will now be able to be invited on screen. Previously only users on the iOS app, Chrome or Firefox were able to be invited to join the host on-screen.

Second, we've updated our native iOS apps so that you can now create events and go live all from your for iPhone or iPad. If you're familiar to streaming from mobile apps like Facebook & Instagram, you'll feel right at home in Crowdcast. In this first version you won't be able to customize advanced options like multi-streaming & limiting to patrons but we'll follow up soon with updates. In the meantime you can have full access to the event customization in Safari.

Here are some things that are now possible:

  1. Stream from in-person events & gatherings – Often our hosts found it was easier to point a phone to a stage instead of a laptop. Set your device on a tripod or table pointing towards the stage to capture the stream. Additionally, you or your team can be signed on as the host on multiple devices to remotely moderate and control the stream.
  2. Use your mobile device to capture multiple angles – Hosting a crowdcast on cooking, sewing, painting or anything where you need additional angles to capture? Use your iPhone or iPad to capture multiple angles of your work without having to configure a complicated multi-camera DSLR workflow.
  3. Stream from your cell network – You're no longer locked to the wifi network. Use your device's cell network to host interactive conversation while you're on the go and in-transit. Our technology has been to tested to work well even on the low bandwidth connections. Nothing shows more dedication then connecting with your community wherever you are, be it the Airport, Park, or Beach.

Being able to go live right from your mobile device invites the opportunity for creating moments of shared connection wherever life takes you. Whether you have one or one-thousand people joining you, it will feel intimate.

"I love the new ability to go live from my iPhone! It's fast, easy, and super convenient. I will be using it to broadcast my spirit guide ceremonies live from the beautiful beaches of the Canary Islands."
- Super host, Yamile Yemoonyah

We are excited to hear where you will broadcast from next, drop us a line and tell us how it goes.

Download the latest iOS here