Over a decade ago, online video took the world by storm. Many people might recall the 18-second video entitled "Me at the Zoo," featuring Jaweed Karim, co-founder of YouTube. The video quality was sub-par, but that didn't matter. What mattered is that Jaweed brought us into his world, he shared a moment. This set the stage for YouTubers to gradually share a glimpse into their world. From makeup/hair artists to DIY tutorials, people were intrigued and a sense of global connection was born.

Fast forward some years later when Sai, our founder, was at a gathering in Costa Rica when his curiosity spiked. He was inspired by the speakers and what he was learning, but couldn't help but wonder how an experience like this could be shared beyond the group of the fifty people who were present. He imagined a space for people to teach classes, to come together for town-hall meetings, to share their ideas, and a space for people to come together from all corners of the world to have conversations. There, the first seeds of Crowdcast was planted.

Prior to the live streaming movement, the model was for the creator/teacher to record and heavily edit a video and then some hours or even days later, viewers would receive the finished product to watch on demand. At Crowdcast we aimed to transform this experience by leveraging a key component, the connection. We created a virtual auditorium, setting the stage for thousands of hosts to share raw and real-time events, happening well, live of course! No more hiding behind editing or insecurities, the platform was intentionally designed with teachers/mentors/creators in mind.

Not only did Crowdcast begin to serve as a platform for hosts to get their feet wet in the live streaming world, it shifted the way people were connecting with their audiences. Much like Facebook and Youtube Live, our platform began to connect followers with inspired influencers, except on a more interactive and intimate level. Crowdcast introduced an online space for audiences all around the world to connect for live events, and the best part is this was now achievable from the comfort of their living room.

To date, we have powered over hundreds of thousands of events and counting! We have events ranging from cooking classes, interviews, video podcasts, tech summits, yoga classes, town hall meetings, and the list goes on. If you can think of it, there's likely an event on Crowdcast about it. We are proud of what we have created and if you haven't joined our live streaming network yet, consider this your nudge ;)

Before I sign off, I'd like to share one of the most impactful moments I have experienced on Crowdcast. I was attending a meet and greet with an influencer and he was taking questions live. This host used our invite-on-screen feature to bring a guest up from India. As the conversation lead on, the guest on screen was introducing us to her grandmother who was preparing dinner. In the matter of minutes, the entire audience was teleported virtually into a kitchen in India. I could almost smell the curried dahl bubbling on the stove. In that moment, I knew there were no limits to what kinds of connections could be achieved on Crowdcast.

Creators, your stage is waiting. Join us today!