We’ve been thinking hard about how we can enable you to have better control over your live video events on Crowdcast.

In the process, we were inspired by the explosion of innovation in the live streaming world. There are now many live streaming apps and gear that enable creators to create high production live video experiences.

Apps like OBS, Ecamm Live, Wirecast and many more allow you to create beautiful overlays, share pre-recorded video, add intro animations, and a whole lot more.

So, we decided to team up.

Introducing RTMP Studio, you can now connect Crowdcast directly into professional live streaming apps and hardware.

If you want a quick summary, watch this video:

How does it work?

Crowdcast now supports RTMP input for going live in a session.

This means that any live streaming app or gear that supports RTMP input can now plug directly into Crowdcast. That’s pretty much all of them.

So what are some new superpowers?

It’s a long list. Each app or tool gives you a different variety of super powers but here are a few.

Can I still multi-streams to social networks?

Yes. It just works. And, it will stream in HD ;)

You can send one video stream into Crowdcast and we will send it to all the viewers in your event as well as any multi-stream locations you’ve added to the session.

There you have it, a whole new way to go live in Crowdcast.

If you want to see more detailed instructions for an app, checkout this doc.

Creators have already started to host high production live experiences that have blown us away and we’re excited to see what you do with it.

Tweet @CrowdcastHQ to let us know what you think about RTMP Studio.