When it comes to transparency and authenticity, TINT is crushing it.

We invited TINT's CEO Tim Sae Koo to join us for a Crowdcast Talk about transparency and authenticity. Here are five of our favorite video clips from the conversation with our CEO Cy Hossain—plus some bonus insights from Tim about how TINT puts its values into practice.

1) Culture: “How people act and decide certain challenges without their managers being there”


2) Authenticity = “It's just being who you are and practicing that on a daily basis”


3) Transparency means “defaulting to honesty and giving the facts, and just calling no bullshit on that”


4) Millennials and tech are making transparency and authenticity default business practices


5) Why it's ok to be a vulnerable leader.... and blog about it


The TINT team is known for being open about their business practices—even blogging about very personal issues like mental health or traditionally private topics like layoffs. Hear why Tim believes in “transforming that wound into wisdom” and the effects of blogging about it.

Bonus: Inside TINT's culture

Tim shared a few ways the TINT team actively practices transparency and authenticity:

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