Until now, when there was a new registration for your crowdcast, you were able to send that user to any of the 750+ applications that integrate with Zapier.

That’s pretty great, but what about everything that happens after they join?Well, we’ve just released 6 more triggers to address just that. Let me show you how best to use them to create powerful automated workflows.

Take action based on whether the attendee showed up live or not

We added 2 triggers that fire right at the moment you end your broadcast:

We fire it once for each attendee who registered. Say you had 100 attendees and 60 showed up live, then Zapier will receive 60 triggers for “Attended Live” and 40 for “Did Not Attend Live”.

This way, upon the ending of your event, you can set up an automation sequence to thank them for attending or letting them know how to watch the replay if they didn’t attend.

Take action based on attendee activity

The other 4 triggers fire as the user is taking action:

Some ways you can use these triggers

We’re already taking advantage of the new workflows this enables us to create. Let us know how you use them and if you have any suggestions that would make these zaps even more powerful.